Columbus Psychological Center
6099 Riverside Drive, Suite 100, Dublin, Ohio 43017  -  614-457-0024

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 Dr. Fiona Travis
Columbus Psychological Center
"A Private Practice Helping People Cope"
WE BELIEVE IN the empowerment of the individual
through self-awareness and self-regulation.
We provide the tools and guidance for a journey
to better mental and physical health.
RESEARCH IN psychoneuroimmunology has proved our
thoughts and attitudes have a powerful effect on
our emotions and mental health; our emotions, in turn,
have a powerful effect on our bodies and overall physical health.
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Our Philosophy
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It has been demonstrated that our HOLISTIC APPROACH is
the quickest and best road to good health.
Contact Information:
PHONE: (614) 457-0024
FAX: (614) 457-0026
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