About Dr. Fiona Travis, Ph.D.

  Fiona Travis, Ph.D.

I enjoy helping people reach their maximum potential to live a happy and healthy life. I have unique expertise in the body/mind connection and consider therapy a "journey into wholeness". With over thirty years of experience in working with high stress professionals, many have found my holistic style has helped them gain solid confidence in personal relationships and success in the work place. I enjoy working with couples and also conduct an on-going psychodynamic group to facilitate interpersonal relationships.

My holistic approach to stress, relaxation and interpersonal relationships combines somatic studies with psychodynamics. I am a former member of the Graduate Faculty at The Ohio State University. I have been in Private Practice for over thirty years and my psychological counseling is unique in connecting the body/mind.

Fiona H. Travis received her B.A. from Muskingum College and her master’s and doctorate degrees from The Ohio State University. She is a psychologist in private practice. Along with her general practice of psychology for over 30 years, Dr. Travis also has focused on the unique stresses of the legal profession. She has helped hundreds of lawyers and their families build better relationships.

Dr. Travis is a popular speaker to the legal community having presented to local and state bar associations, the Judicial College of The Ohio Supreme Court and to support staffs of law firms and the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, National Association of Legal Professional and National Association of Court Reporters.

She is the author of several articles on the interaction of the body and the mind and presented her work to her colleagues of the American Psychological Association at conferences in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Dr. Travis is also the author of two books: Living With Lawyers and Should You Marry A Lawyer? A Couples Guide to Balancing Love, Work and Ambition.

Dr. Travis and her husband, Judge Alan Travis, have two married sons and two grandsons.